Amazing Hunting Expeditions to South Africa, Canada, and New Zealand

By 30 March 2021

On the homepage we talked about expeditions to Argentina to hunt pigeons and doves, but there are other amazing places to hunt around the world apart from Argentina. If you have been hunting in South America and you are looking for a new adventure, then you will be pleased to hear that we are thinking of organizing some expeditions to South Africa, Canada, and New Zealand.

Why These Particular Countries

Now, you might be sitting there wondering to yourself why we have decided on these particular countries. Well, if you are, then it is because they offer up some of the best hunting in the world.

For example, when hunting in South Africa you can try and bag yourself an amazing creature such as a zebra, wildebeest, springbok, kudo, Cape buffalo, baboon, and African wild cat. To be honest, the list of things that you can hunt in South Africa is probably as long as your arm.

When you are hunting in a place like New Zealand, you can hunt red deer, South Pacific goat, fallow deer, chamois, boars, Himalayan tahr, Arapawa ram, pheasant, and quail. This is just a small selection of things that you can hunt over in New Zealand – once again, the true list is going to be as long as your arm.

When hunting in Canada you can hunt black bears, white-tailed deer, wolves, boars, moose, quail, pheasants, doves, pigeons, geese, and ducks. Once again, you can see that there are plenty of animals on the hunting menu.

We hope that you now have a much better understanding as to why we have chosen these three destinations for our future hunting expeditions. We put a lot of thought into this as our main aim is to provide anyone who joins us with a hunting experience that they will never forget.

What about Accommodation?

We will obviously not be out hunting all of the time, so we will need somewhere to stay. At this moment in time, we have yet to decide on where we will be staying exactly, but it will definitely be some type of lodge that will cater to all of our basic needs. Please do not expect a lodge that comes with a swimming pool, a spa, or other types of luxuries. It is best to stay at a basic lodge in order to help keep the costs down as much as possible. However, we will ensure that there is Wi-Fi for you to use so you can keep your friends and family up to date with how you are doing.

What to Do in Your Free Time

During these expeditions, you will have free time whenever we are not hunting. What you do in this free time is completely up to you, but if you are an avid gambler then we highly recommend that you head along to a land-based casino and test out your luck.

Although we are not entirely sure as to where we will be staying, what we can tell you is that the locations that we decide on will not be too far away from the casinos, meaning that you should definitely pay them a visit. These casinos are some of the best that their respected countries have to offer, and they will offer plenty of table games and slots games. Therefore, whatever you prefer to play, it is fair to say that you will not be lacking for choice.

If luck is on your side, then who knows, you might end up winning enough money to finance the whole trip. If you would like to find out any more information about these planned expeditions, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to discuss everything with you.