Dove and Pigeon Hunting in the Heart of Argentina

By 04 March 2021

If there is one thing that Americans love to do it is to go hunting. Whether that is hunting for deer, wolves, bears, boars, quail, pigeons, ducks, or doves – you name it, us Americans probably shoot it. However, as much as we love to hunt, it can become a bit tedious if we stick to the same old hunting grounds. Therefore, it is always a great idea to spend a bit of money and go hunting in another country.

We Highly Recommend Argentina

If you are thinking about going on a hunting trip abroad but you do not know where to go, then let us make your mind up for you – you should go and hunt pigeon and doves in Argentina. Doves and pigeons are a constant menace to farmers all across the country as they continuously eat their crops, meaning that dove and pigeon hunting season is open all year round.

To give you an idea as to just how many doves are in Argentina, the record number of birds shot by one American hunter in a single day currently stands at 13,000. So, if you go pigeon and dove hunting anywhere in Argentina and you do not fill up a bag with some delicious pigeon and dove meat, you might as well consider getting yourself another hobby.

In our opinion, the best place to hunt for pigeon and doves in Argentina is in the rural areas surrounding the stunning city of Cordoba. When you are booking your flights, make sure that you are booking a seat on a plane to Argentina and not a seat on a plane to Spain. Why are we mentioning this? Well, there just so happens to be a city in Spain by the same name and we know a few Americans who got to the airport thinking about a hunting trip in Argentina, only to realize that they are actually booked on a trip to Spain. They managed to sort out a ticket to the correct country in the end, but it is safe to say that they were reminded about it for the whole week that they were hunting pigeon and doves in Argentina.

The Best Place to Stay

When you are going on a dove hunt in Cordoba, Argentina, there is only one place that you should stay at and this is the Relais and Chateux Lodge. This Lodge has been voted as one of the best lodges in the world. The lodge is surrounded by more than 400 acres of woods and fields, which is where you will do most of your dove and pigeon hunting at. The lodge is just 40 miles away from the airport, so you will not have to go on a long car journey after you have just been on a long flight.

The staff at the lodge are extremely friendly and will always do their best to ensure that you are well catered for. The furniture in the lodge has been carefully selected in order to build the perfect atmosphere and the comfortable beds have been positioned in such a way that you can admire the marvelous views in complete comfort. Each room has its own bathroom that comes complete with a large bath and a separate shower, which is just perfect for washing away the dirt and dust after a day of dove and pigeon shooting. To add to this, all of the rooms come equipped with a television, a DVD player, and, of course, there is complementary Wi-Fi.

When you are not out hunting, you can enjoy other great amenities such as the spa, solarium, gym, or the pool. In short, this lodge has absolutely everything that you could wish for. Choosing this lodge as your accommodation while you are doing some dove and pigeon hunting in Argentina is a decision that you will not come to regret. In fact, it is a decision that will make your experience much better.